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We are Proud Supporters of Community-Based Hearing HealthCare.

With every purchase of a Starkey hearing aid, a child in a developing country will receive the gift of hearing. Starkey will personally donate a paid pair of hearing aids, fit the child, and ensure they have the best-possible hearing with the new hearing aid.

Hearing Loss Treatment Services

Hearing Loss Test


At our hearing centres, we conduct your hearing loss test with the latest equipment to determine the type and degree of hearing loss, enabling us to provide you with a custom recommendation.

hearing aids Education & Recommendation

Education & Recommendation

We teach you about hearing loss and hearings aids so that together we can determine the style and technology that best suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Hearing Loss Treatment After Care

Follow-Up Care

After your device fitting, we call within 48 hours, follow-up after 2 weeks, and monitor your progress every 6 months. We also provide free maintenance and repair services.

Want Information About Hearing Aids?

Who We Are

Our hearing centres focus on providing the best client care and attention. Our hearing specialists love what they do—and it shows.

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We educate our clients.

Comprehensive assessments for custom solutions

Cutting-edge, quality hearing aid selection

Industry-leading follow-up care and on-going support

Client satisfaction is our highest priority.

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Our Clients Trust Innovative Hearing Solutions.

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Guide to Buying a Hearing Aid

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Exceptional Follow-Up Care

Our Hearing Specialists make sure your hearing aids are always working perfectly. We offer free cleaning and check-ups on all makes and models of hearing aids purchased at Innovative Hearing Solutions.

Recent News

  • Many people believe that their hearing loss is only affected them and forget all the people around them that it may also be affecting. Hearing loss not only affects the person suffering, but it also has many negative impacts on everyone surrounding those affected by......

  • Studies on how the effects of hearing loss impact the brain showed a reorganization within the brain of someone with a mild hearing loss only 3 months after the loss....

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