Listen to Your Ears

Listen to Your Ears

Our President and Innovative Hearing Solutions founder, Cheryl, shared her 36 years of experience, expertise and commitment to serving the hearing impaired community by writing her very first book, “Listen To Your Ears.”

In her debut as a published author, Cheryl reflects on her personal and professional experiences on how ignoring any change in your hearing can greatly impact your quality of life and how the incredible advancement in hearing aid technology gives everyone the opportunity to take control of how they live their lives.

The majority of people wait until their hearing loss is noticeable to themselves and everyone around them before they decide to do something about it. For years, Cheryl has noticed there is a negative association between hearing aids and being “old,” but, almost all of the time, once a person is fitted with hearing aids, they can’t believe how much better they can hear or why it took them so long to seek help.

Cheryl’s passion stems from growing up with a profoundly deaf brother, Carl.

“…I was always very aware of how, too often, my brother was excluded from family activities due to his inability to hear. I longed to be able to help him feel included, and this longing fuelled my decision to enter the field of hearing health care. Working to help people hear better is my way of making sure that my brother did not suffer in vain, and my passion for my work is an expression of my love for him.”

These lessons are of value not only to those who might be suffering hearing loss directly, but also friends, family members, and other industry professionals working to alleviate the struggles of hearing loss for anyone they think may be suffering, in silence, from hearing loss.

As a bonus for our website visitors, we are making this book available for download directly HERE.

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“Hearing is the soul of knowledge and information of a high order. To be cut off from hearing is to be isolated indeed.” – Helen Keller