Hearing Loss Treatment Services

Our Tried-and-True Steps to Better Hearing

Hearing Loss Test


At our hearing centres, we conduct your hearing loss test with the latest equipment to determine the type and degree of hearing loss to provide you a custom recommendation.

hearing aids Education & Recommendation

Education & Recommendation

We teach you about hearing loss and hearings aids so that together we can determine the style and technology that best suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Hearing Loss Treatment After Care

Follow-Up Care

After your device fitting, we call within 48 hours, follow-up after 2 weeks, and monitor your progress every 6 months. We also provide free maintenance and repair services.

Hearing Loss Assessment

Depending on the outcome of your consultation, we’ll assess your hearing—no doctor referral required. Assessments are pain-free and last about an hour. Together, we will review your audiogram and discuss the best solution for your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Tips to Improve Communication

Is Hearing Loss Affecting the Quality of Your Conversations?

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Hearing Loss Education and Hearing Aid Recommendation

We want you to be confident with your new hearing aid, so we provide more in-depth education and consultation. We will teach you everything you need to know about buying the right hearing aid based on the results of your consultation and hearing assessment.

Guide to Buying a Hearing Aid

Thinking About Buying Hearing Aids?

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Exceptional Follow-Up Care

We pride ourselves on our outstanding follow-up care. Our worry-free service plan ensures that your hearing aid is working optimally. We provide customized programming, follow-up adjustments, reprogramming if your hearing changes, free cleaning, and more.

Our hearing specialists make sure your hearing aids are always working perfectly. Our hearing centres use a needle vacuum machine that vacuums the wax and moisture out of your hearing aids. We offer free cleaning and check-ups on all makes and models of hearing aids purchased at Innovative Hearing Solutions.

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