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We Sometimes Forget How Important Hearing Is

Coming from a family of hearing loss included a profoundly deaf brother I know all too well what it is like to be at a family function or an event where people cannot hear. One of the most common first complaints is that people notice that they cannot hear in background noise. I see people at social gatherings sit in a corner with a grin on their face and cannot participate in any conversation as they cannot hear so they feel isolated and pretty soon will not bother to go to functions any more as it becomes too hard or embarrassing for them.

Children get frustrated and won’t speak with the older folks that cannot hear them as they find it takes too much energy and no matter how they say it their words will not be understood.

People are raising their voices at each other because if they have hearing loss they usually cannot gauge how loud they are speaking to one another.

Someone says where are your hearing aids and they point to their pocket and they have taken them off as they have not gotten used to the back ground noise yet and say everyone sound like a bunch of bumbling bees.

I think sometimes we forget how important our hearing is to our quality of life. Hearing loss makes people feel isolated and left out, anxious and depressed.