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“I could not have continued my career as a professor at Saint Thomas University if I had not begun to wear hearing aids. They maintained my quality of life and profession. My wife became less frustrated with me because I stopped asking “what” all the time. I have continued to enjoy music and performances with the new technology available.”

- Russ Hunt

“These new hearing aids are perfect! Everyday I put them on and I’m really satisfied. Now I actually have to turn the TV down instead of up and the wife is really pleased. Also the wind is not so bothersome like my old hearing aids. Your clinic has really good service with no waiting. I have recommended my cousin go to see you.”

- Victor Ross

“I am very happy with my new hearing aids. I am 83 years old and these are the best hearing aids I’ve ever had (they are the new Starkey S series IQ’s). If you ever want hearing aids go with this company. The service is excellent. This is the best I’ve heard in a long time. I can hear quiet voices again.”

- Harold V. Joyce

“I experienced hearing loss in my workplace many years ago. Hearing aids have helped me in so many ways. My experience with Innovative Hearing has been very good, the atmosphere is great, the friendliness is incomparable and I don’t want to say there’s a home-town feel but that’s exactly what it is, very comfortable. The biggest difference in my new hearing aids is clarity. There is much less background noise, they are much better. If you have older hearing aids, consider getting new ones. Take a visit, check out the newest technology, and give it a try!”

- Tony Rice, from N.B.

“I didn’t realize I had a hearing loss, my family noticed first. They were tired of repeating themselves, so I took a visit to Innovative Hearing. They were knowledgeable, friendly and prompt. I would recommend Innovative Hearing and hearing aids. Mine are inconspicuous, the batteries last a long time and they relieved a lot of stress and tension in my life.”

- William Curtis, from N.B

“Professional in every way; guaranteed satisfaction and follow up to make certain you are completely satisfied.”

- Douglas Murray, N.S.

“I started noticing that I could not hear as well as I used to. My family was beginning to take notice as well. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for years but just purchased my most recent pair in January. I knew that technology had advanced so much and I wanted to try the newer technology in order to hear well. The staff at Innovative were as helpful as always. I am now hearing better and am less bothered by background noise. Depending on the age of hearing aids, there could be room for improvement. If using older aids check it out, there is a trial period.”

- Patricia Lucas-Golden, from N.B.

“I have been a client for over 28 years and although there is another clinic closer to me, I will continue to come here because the service is excellent and my specialist is so sweet and knowledgeable. All the staff have been friendly and so courteous. I have recently gone from Analog aids to Digital. I hear much better and would recommend digital hearing aids to anyone.”

- Marilyn Manuel, N.S.

“I could always hear fine at home but had so much trouble in background noise. It seemed I could hear everyone, but only understand a few. I decided to get new hearing aids because I did not have a volume control on my old aids and had a significant change in my hearing. Technology is better and with my vision getting worse and worse, I decided to go with better hearing aids. I like the way I’m treated at Innovative Hearing. They listen to me and what I need. They are all wonderful people, just sweethearts!”

- Irene Leckie, from N.B.

“Since 1997 I’ve been experiencing excellent service in both audio technology and products. The staff is competent and very helpful.”

- J.F. Gordon, N.S.

“I am so please that I got a second hearing aid. I love the better technology and the 2nd aid. My left ear has been dormant for many years, it has now awoken. The specialist is a very nice person and a lot of fun. The excellent service keeps me coming back!”

- Bernice Laking, from N.B.

“I have been wearing hearing aids since 1984, I have macular degeneration and rely more on my hearing than ever before. I can’t read anymore but I need to be able to communicate. I continue to come to Innovative Hearing because the specialist and I are both witty and we get along very well. I guess you are never too old to buy hearing aids.”

- Jean Snow, from N.B.

“Extremely satisfying and very helpful, I will certainly send my friends here.”

- William Bruton, N.S.

“My new hearing aids have helped me and my family 100%. I have been a client of Innovative Hearing Solutions in Moncton for many years now and the service I have always received has been great. I have no complaints at all. The new technology has improved the way I hear and it’s so good to be able to hear accurately again, as my old aids were wore out and I wasn’t doing well with them at all. I have always recommended this office to my friends and family and will continue to do so.”

- Frederick Bourgeois, from N.B.

“My appreciation, for the wonderful hearing aids Innovative Hearing Solutions has provided me, cannot be told in words. There aren’t enough words to explain my gratitude to the staff for improving my quality of life. With many, many thanks!”

- June Nuttall & Family, from N.S.

“I am in my nineties and have been wearing hearing aids for many years now. I have always gone to the Innovative office in Amherst. The girls there are great and the service is 100%, I would not even think of going anywhere else. My experience with them has exceeded my expectations. The technology in my new hearing aids is awesome; I can’t believe how well I hear with them. I highly recommend this office to anyone who has a hearing loss. I tell them to go in and speak with Marie, she’ll help you.”

- Allie Daley, from N.S.

“I extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Innovative Hearing Solutions for enabling me to obtain hearing aids. The expert help and guidance I received was the deciding factor to come back. Thank you one and all.”

- Elizabeth Henwood, from N.S.

“The professional staff are courteous and helpful, taking the necessary time with you to explain the functions of the aids, analyze and correct any difficulties. It is important to remember all hearing losses are different and the benefits you receive from your aids may be different from others. The first step is to get a professional evaluation. Getting realistic expectations from the evaluation can help you decide to move forward. Take that first step; hearing and technology has never been better. Use the knowledge in the Helpful Hearing Handbook to help you make the right decisions.”

- Dr. John Ross, N.S.

“The staff are very efficient, pleasant and helpful. I had a problem with my last hearing aid and my specialist went out of her way to make sure everything was working correctly.”

- Susan Lee, N.S.

“I have been a client since 1993. It has been a good place for me. Everybody is nice, polite and efficient. I’m so satisfied with my new hearing aid, it’s so small and different. I knew just what I wanted and my specialist did a great job finding what I liked and which was right for me. Keep up the good work!”

- Margaret White, N.S.