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A Tale of Two Sisters

It was a typical blustery grey, November afternoon here in Fredericton when a long term client came in to see me. I didn’t think she had an appointment, so I was surprised when I saw her standing at the front desk, shaking off the November cold from her overcoat.

I was a little concerned, because in the 2 years since getting her hearing evaluation and eventually being fitted with her hearing aids; her life had completely been transformed.

Every time she’d come in for her scheduled adjustment, she would tell me about how she so loved talking with her grandchildren on the phone, hearing their giggles and their soft voices saying “ we love you Nana”.

But this visit wasn’t for herself.

You see, about 3 years earlier, both she and her sister had been diagnosed with the exact same type of hearing loss. The problem was that, even though they had the same type of hearing aids, her sister was still un-able to get the same results that she was getting.

Numerous visits over the next few months revealed a common problem I see all the time.

You see, everyone’s hearing loss is different. And even though the two sisters had the exact type of hearing loss, on paper, the remedy for that loss was totally different based on their individual life styles. We fitted her sister with a completely different technology and today she couldn’t be happier.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Cheryl Morehouse