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A New Approach


Absolutely nothing makes us happier than seeing people’s eyes light up the first time they put on their new hearing aids and they smile, almost laughing, at the understanding of what they were missing and how much richer their life experiences can be from now on.

We’ve built our business with our passion to exceed expectations for service. We’d love an opportunity to help you with your hearing loss. With us, it’s always about you.


  • Hearing loss has significant consequences to your lifestyle and happiness.
  • 60% of people over the age of 55 having hearing issues.
  • Hearing loss, if left untreated, lessens the impact and options for future treatment.
  • Hearing loss is more a function of brain activity than physical deterioration.
  • The average person waits 7 years before they do something about their hearing loss.
  • Friends and family notice hearing loss up to two years before those affected.

People don’t hesitate to turn to eyeglasses for better vision, yet hearing loss is taken less seriously. Even though untreated hearing loss is damaging to personal relationships and more noticeable than any hearing aids.


1st Visit
  • We conduct a hearing evaluation and, if necessary, recommend suitable hearing aids.
  • We can also simply fill prescriptions from the hospital.
  • We work with you to help you understand your options by providing estimates and preliminary information.
  • We discuss realistic expectations for your hearing improvement.
  • We take earmold impressions or measurements and place an order for your aids and earmolds.
  • A 50% deposit is made at this time.
2nd Visit
1st Follow-up
  • We follow-up by telephone to inquire about amplification, any areas of difficulty, and provide advice and encouragement.
2nd Follow-up
  • At the 6 month point, there will be a phone call or visit to check the maintenance of the aids, aids usage, and discuss any challenges.
3rd Follow-up
  • After the first year, the aids will be checked, cleaned and any necessary adjustments will be made.
  • For as long as you are our client, we ensure your hearing gets the right attention with a 6 month follow-up contact.
  • You will receive unlimited cleanings and inspections for the life of your hearing aids.
  • We will also call you before your warranty expires.

How long are you prepared to let even a mild hearing loss impact your lifestyle?